HIV tests for would-be monks set to be scrapped

HIV tests for would-be monks set to be scrapped

HIV tests for would-be monks set to be scrapped

The National Human Rights Commission ( NHRC ) has proposed to the Sangha Supreme Council, citing the lack of a chronic infectious disease in favor of making men have to pass an HIV test before becoming ordained.

The committee verified the problem regarding a church in Bangkok’s Suan Luang district on Friday, according to Wasan Paileeklee, a part of the NHRC, setting forth a procedure that requires those entering the monkhood to go through a health check and an HIV test.

The NHRC resolution from last year requested that the temple be asked to stop testing for HIV and request that the National Office of Buddhism ( NOB ) cooperate in educating all affiliated temples not to require those seeking ordination to do so in order to prevent discrimination.

According to clinical studies, HIV is hardly transmitted through routine activities or respiratory systems. With appropriate treatment, people with the disease is maintain good health and live normally, he said.

Additionally, the Sangha Supreme Council mandates that those who want to join the monastic order may become physically fit. Only those who have severe contagious diseases like tuberculosis are permitted to enter.

According to Mr. Wasan, the NOB responded to the NHRC’s recommendation in April by stating that the public health department had confirmed that HIV patients were not considered to have a chronic infectious disease.

In contrast, Tongthong Chandransu, assistant to the Sangha Supreme Council, said forcing people to undergo an HIV exam may deal under the rule of law. The NOB has previously responded to the NHRC’s request and issued an order to all churches to follow suit, he continued.