Search for 2026 Commonwealth Games host goes on after Singapore opts not to bid

Search for 2026 Commonwealth Games host goes on after Singapore opts not to bid

Daniel Andrews, then- position leading of Victoria, said that the value of the Games, was loop to more than A$ 7 billion ( US$ 4.6 billion ) from a budgeted A$ 2.6 billion if they went ahead with the inaugural multi- sport event.

” I will never get money from hospitals and schools to pay for an event that is three times the price as anticipated and anticipated for the previous year,” he said.

The future of the Games, which was next held in Birmingham, UK in 2022, has been debated over Victoria’s decision to withdraw as guests and the lack of an obvious solution after Australia’s Gold Coast pulled its pay to move in as a replacement. &nbsp,

According to the English government, the Birmingham Games ‘ expenditure was ¬£778 million ( US$ 980 million ) and the 2026 Games in Victoria- had it gone onward- was forecast to get four times that. &nbsp,


Malaysia next month&nbsp, declined to host&nbsp, the 2026 Games, citing cost problems.

The CGF had offered Malaysia ¬£100 million &nbsp, of “financial and proper help” to remove Victoria. &nbsp,

Any potential number of the 2026 Games can still receive that offer as part of the Victoria removal agreement, but Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh claimed it was” never expected to be able to cover the entire charge of organizing a large-scale sports occasion.” &nbsp,

” The state wants to concentrate on the development of sports as well as the security and well-being of the people,” she continued.

The CGF is also looking for a variety for the 2030 Games after the French territory of Alberta&nbsp, withdrew its support&nbsp, for a charge in August last year.