‘Scapegoat’ seeks cash for losses

'Scapegoat' seeks cash for losses
'Scapegoat' seeks cash for losses
Supreme Court of the United States

A 28-year-old past shop employee is suing the government for compensation after spending three years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He claims that the unjust punishment cost him his family.

Despite refusing to fight with three teenagers who challenged him one day while he was going to visit a friend, Niran ( surname withheld ) claimed that local police had purposefully made him the scapegoat and charged him with attempted murder.

He claimed that although the meeting took place on August 21, 2018, there was no real altercation. Nevertheless, he was detained by police at his stock a year later and charged with attempted murder.

The Supreme Court overturned his 11-year prison sentence in September of last year, allowing him to be released.

To get legal redress, Niran met on Monday night with Ekapop Luengprasert, the internal minister’s advisor and the creator of the Sai Mai Tong Rod Facebook page.

He asserted that his wife took his two kids and moved in with her new partner while he was incarcerated.

He asked the Ministry of Justice for payment, but it was denied on the grounds that he was released because of insufficient information, which is against the law and disqualifies him from receiving it.

If the Supreme Court rules that those who were imprisoned for a fake faith are no longer criminal, Mr. Ekapop suggested that the Ministry of Justice change the law to compensate them.

He claimed that instances of people being used as scapegoats by the authorities are still far too common.