SBS Transit launches travel buddy initiative to help people with disabilities navigate routes

SINGAPORE: Two years ago, a spinal cord injury left Mr Tan HB with the need to use a wheelchair, and he commuted around Singapore by driving a modified vehicle for people with disabilities.

But with driving getting more expensive, the 57-year-old is now looking at making the switch to public transport.

However, having driven for most of his life, the public transport system is unfamiliar to him and navigating the network of trains and buses can be tricky.

To help passengers like Mr Tan, SBS Transit has launched a travel buddy programme to make the system more accessible for people with disabilities.

The initiative will pair such commuters to staff members, who will familiarise these passengers with their chosen travel route by accompanying them on the journey.

“It’s very helpful for people like me, who are very unfamiliar with the train system in Singapore,” said Mr Tan.

“Now there are a lot of (new MRT lines and) extensions going on, which I need to learn and know how to manoeuvre. So the travel buddy actually gives me a lot of guidance,” he said.