Pushing for education to drive the nation forward

His Majesty the King thinks that even the poorest citizens have equal access to education options.

Pushing for education to drive the nation forward

His Majesty the King is a king who is fervent about giving Thai students equal access to education, which he believes is the driving force behind the country’s growth.

In 2009, as Crown Prince, he ordered the creation of the Crown Prince Scholarship, which was eventually upgraded into a base providing scholarships to poor children. His Majesty serves as the foundation’s chair.

Royal Councillor Gen Dapong Ratanasuwan, on Jan 16, 2020, mentioned in a statement entitled” Good Teachers, Power of the Nation” that King Rama X was intensely interested in learning and had much more understanding of learning than anyone would have thought.

According to Gen. Dapong, the King has appointed all senior ministers to maintain and expand the more than 4, 000 initiatives that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great initiated.

The prince also emphasized the value of instilling a positive attitude in Thai youth, which he believes will provide a good foundation for both their jobs and nice citizenship, according to Gen Dapong.

His Majesty has also appointed the secretaries to assist in directing the global distribution of knowledge to Rajabhat institutions, according to Gen Dapong.

His Majesty wants Rajabhat universities to continue producing teachers and leading native growth, according to Gen Dapong, who sees their role as an essential component of the country’s development given their location across the country.

In addition to offering scholarships to students from poor communities, His Majesty has likewise upgraded Thailand’s long-distance training program. The technique, which was started by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great in 1995, is now available online 24/7.

The system’s contents have also been expanded to cover pre-school to Mathayom 3 ( Grade 9 ), from Prathom 1 to Prathom 6 ( Grade 1-Grade 6 ) previously. The expanded content was first spread during the first name of the 2018 educational year.

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