NATO slams China over Russia support, backs full integration of Ukraine, draft communique says

In a review joint statement released on Wednesday, NATO allies pledged to support Ukraine on an “irreversible way” to integration and issue a call for China to abandon all assistance for Russia’s war effort against Kyiv.

According to the draft declaration being developed at the NATO summit in Washington, China has become a key supporter of Russia’s battle efforts in Ukraine, and Beijing continues to pose structural challenges to Europe and safety.

According to the document statement, NATO countries intend to supply Ukraine with a minimum of 40 billion euros in the next year and create a coordination mechanism to arrange the provision of military tools and coaching for Ukraine.

The allies may vow to support Ukraine in its quest for total Euro-Atlantic integration, including NATO membership, according to the statement. When friends agree and requirements are met, Kyiv may be invited to join the alliance, according to the document.