Prospect of peaceful ‘reunification’ with Taiwan being ‘eroded’, says China

Prospect of peaceful 'reunification' with Taiwan being 'eroded', says China

SINGAPORE: The prospect of peaceful “reunification” with Taiwan is being increasingly “eroded” by Taiwanese separatists and external forces, Chinese Defence Minister Dong Jun said on Sunday ( Jun 2 ), promising to ensure independence never happens.

China holds Taiwan, which is politically governed, as its own territory, despite the government’s severe objections to Taipei, and last month organized war games around the island in protest of President Lai Ching-te’s inauguration on May 20. Beijing describes him as a” separatist.”

Dong said Taiwan was China’s” base of key issues,” but Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party is gradually pursuing independence and trying to sever Chinese personality.

” Those separatists lately made hysterical claims that demonstrate their animosity toward the Chinese people and their predecessors.” They will be nailed to the wall of sorrow in history”, he said.

Hardliners ‘ commitment to peaceful reunification is eroding, according to Dong, but hardliners are increasingly putting pressure on Taiwan’s independence and foreign makes.

We did take immediate steps to prevent Taiwan’s independence and ensure that a story like this never materializes.

Even in the lack of formal diplomatic relations, such as arms sales, China has been constantly enraged by US support for Taiwan.