Primary Guard, JumpCloud and Pos Malaysia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation 

Primary Guard, JumpCloud and Pos Malaysia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation 
  • Answer helps Pos Malaysia improve IT efficiency, match compliance standards
  • Aims to improve Pos Malaysia’s performance, streamline operations &amp, IT presence

Primary Guard, JumpCloud and Pos Malaysia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation 

Pos Malaysia, a nationwide mail service company in Malaysia, announces its strategic partnership with local IT services provider Major Watch and Open Directory Platform company JumpCloud Inc. to advance its organization’s journey through the pace of sustainable growth. &nbsp, &nbsp,

This lengthy- term partnership aims to motivate Pos Malaysia’s employees with effective use of their business applications, increase productivity, streamline boring processes, and improve infrastructure visibility for their IT teams. &nbsp,

Through this collaboration, Major Guard did give Pos Malaysia with JumpCloud’s central identity, access, and device management solutions that enable the company to utilize a smooth user lifecycle management. With JumpCloud, Pos Malaysia is completely manage and control over customer records, tools, and access permissions. This includes enforcing best practice security procedures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. &nbsp,

Pos Malaysia is no stranger to uprooting and digitalizing outdated systems to improve process efficiencies and stay relevant in the digital era as a long-standing organization that has diversified its services from a traditional postal service to a financial services and supply chain provider today. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Sumesh Rahavendra, Pos Malaysia’s chief digital &amp, transformation officer, shares that when his team was tasked to lead the organisation’s digital transformation strategy, they identified four main elements crucial to their strategy: IT consolidation, compliance, security and operational efficiency. The team needed a secure multi-platform mobile device management solution to ensure consistent and effective policy enforcement across 15, 000 employees in order to revamp the core of their enterprise IT architecture. Additionally, it needed to scale and flexibly integrate with existing systems. &nbsp,

It was crucial that we discovered a way to increase our IT resource efficiency and adhere to our compliance standards with 3,800 touch points spread throughout Malaysia and a rapidly expanding workforce. Our local JumpCloud partner, Primary Guard, facilitated the implementation of JumpCloud’s Device Management and Directory Solution, empowering us to securely manage and access our entire suite of user devices from a single interface”, he said. &nbsp,

JumpCloud’s Mobile Device Management gives IT teams full visibility and control over device inventory, status, application deployment, and security updates. It enables IT teams to remotely troubleshoot problems and provide support while automating provisioning and policy enforcement. This remote management approach can speed up IT resources, shorten the response time, and improve the support experience. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Pos Malaysia can enable group-based access controls and conditional access policies for employees with JumpCloud to make sure only the right users can access resources. This is particularly crucial in preventing data breaches and threats, as well as establishing a secure infrastructure that can improve customer trust online. Additionally, JumpCloud’s Single Sign- On and in- built multi- factor authentication policies enable seamless and secure access to work resources with a single set of credentials. &nbsp,

As JumpCloud’s Malaysia partner, we are supporting Pos Malaysia in their digital transformation journey, using JumpCloud’s unique IT resources to improve collaboration and enhance security. By automating tedious administrative tasks, this frees the in- house ICT team to focus on improving operational security and efficiencies”, said Johary Mustapha, managing director of Primary Guard. &nbsp,

” In the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, collaboration becomes the cornerstone of progress”, said Greg Keller, Co- founder and Chief Technology Officer of JumpCloud. ” Our partnership with Pos Malaysia and Primary Guard exemplifies this synergy, marking a pivotal stride towards efficiency, security, and innovation. Pos Malaysia strengthens its operational backbone by embracing JumpCloud’s centralized identity and device management solutions, as well as fosters a culture of seamless productivity and secure cybersecurity.

Since then, over 100 clients in the corporate and government sectors have benefited from Primary Guard’s certified cybersecurity engineers, who have transformed their businesses and improved their security posture in response to Malaysia’s rapid digital transformation.