President-elect Prabowo says Indonesia willing to receive 1,000 refugees from Gaza to study in Java

President-elect Prabowo says Indonesia willing to receive 1,000 refugees from Gaza to study in Java

Prabowo Subianto, Indonesia’s president-elect, stated that the government is prepared to transfer some 1, 000 Palestinian migrants from Gaza to East Java’s Muslim board universities to further their education.

According to Mr. Prabowo, the latest defense minister, the plan, which was first brought up by the former chancellor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa, may be discussed with President Joko Widodo. &nbsp,

Although it is not yet known how the technical details of accepting migrants from Gaza does been, Mr. Prabowo said he would arrange with the secretary-general of the United Nations and other state officials regarding the plan.

Aside from East Java, according to Mr. Prabowo, several prominent people figures in West Java have also expressed their willingness to take migrants from Gaza and position them in pesantrian-style Muslim boarding schools for their education.

There are around 39, 000 Muslim boarding colleges in the country, according to 2023 information from the department of religious matters.

Mdm Khofifah, who is also the chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU)’s women’s aircraft, claimed that she has coordinated efforts to care for and educate children from the Palestinian territories in East Java.
NU is considered to be the world’s biggest Islamist company. &nbsp,

Additionally, Mdm Khofifah added that some East Javan institutions are willing to offer these immigrants scholarships. &nbsp,

” We have communicated with the Palestinian ambassador, and this university ( Universitas Islam Malang/ Unisma ) is ready to provide 50 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral scholarships for Palestinian students”, she said on Sunday ( Jun 9 ).

Israeli students have been receiving academic scholarships from Indonesia, and in November of last year, Mr. Prabowo welcomed 22 of them who had received scholarships from the Defense University in Jakarta.

One of the ways the global community has assisted the people of the war-torn region is by providing scholarships to Palestinians. &nbsp,

According to Arab News, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) is working with Pakistani universities, which have pledged to give Palestinian students 5, 000 fellowships.

The Indonesian authorities intends to eject more than 1, 000 Palestinians who were injured by Israeli problems from Gaza for treatment in Indonesian facilities in addition to providing educational assistance. &nbsp,

Retno Marsudi, the Indian foreign secretary, claimed that the process of evacuating the Palestinians would take a long time and might only be realized during the novel Prabowo presidency’s new administration.

” Because the first inquiry is how they can leave Gaza and so forth. According to Mdm Retno, it may be under the supervision of the elected president when it is implemented, as reported by Republika media late. &nbsp,

In order to assist Palestinians who have been injured by the continued Jewish military campaign, Mr. Widodo also intends to send medical personnel to Gaza-torn areas and establish a makeshift field hospital.

Mr. Prabowo stated at the current Shangri-La Dialogue security conference in Singapore that the two-state option is the only way to bring about lasting peace and security for both Israel and the Palestinian lands.

Why is this significant to us? Because it belongs to the Muslim world. Although actually, we are not of the place, but what happens in the Middle East, in Gaza it affects and concerns… the Indonesian people”, he said.

Hamas ‘ attacks on Israel on Oct 7- which precipitated the disastrous conflict- killed some 1, 200 folks, according to Israeli specialists. &nbsp,

Israel’s following assault and war of Gaza has killed at least 36, 801 Palestinians, according to an updated score by the state’s health department on Jun 8, Reuters reported. &nbsp,