Police officer surrenders for fatal shooting at hospital

Police officer surrenders for fatal shooting at hospital

The cause of the murder of a Burmese federal in Khon Kaen is still a mystery.

Police officer surrenders for fatal shooting at hospital
A 29-year-old Myanmar person who is undergoing surgery is fatally shot when a shooter enters a clinic of Khon Kaen Hospital on Thursday evening. The believe, who turned out to be a local police officer, surrendered to authorities on Saturday. ( Khon Kaen Hospital CCTV )

KHON KAEN: A local police officer turned himself in to the government on Saturday in connection with the deadly shooting of a person at a Muang area public clinics.

Pol Sgt Veeraphong Buayen, 35, attached to the Phra Yuen depot in Khon Kaen, turned himself in to Pol Col Pornsak Ngandee, research chief at the Khon Kaen municipal police department, at 9.30am.

The official reportedly acknowledged shooting over Myanmar national Kyaw Swar Aong, 29, on Thursday evening at Khon Kaen Hospital after speaking with police authorities. Prior to the shooting, the victim was awaiting an operation on a hospital in the patient’s man surgery building. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Around 1am on Friday, the shooting was reported to the regional authorities.

In a hospital on the second floor, officers and criminal experts discovered Kyaw Swar Aong inside a gun room with a bullet wound to the occipital bone in his bones. He was taken to the emergency room by medical staff for care, but he later died.

Prior to moving to the place in Phra Yuen city three years ago, it was discovered that Pol Sgt Veeraphong had previously worked at the Waeruwan police place. The victim was employed by a fishing nets shop close to the Waeruwan station’s service area.

According to a source with knowledge of the research, Pol Serge Veeraphong had coronary artery disease and depression. He was even known to have used medications, said the source.

To lessen his stress, the officer’s fast better moved him from the station’s investigation department to a duty officer position. However, the purpose for the killing was not yet known.