Fake passport maker with ties to China arrested

Fake passport maker with ties to China arrested

Suspect deceived immigrants, claiming he may make Thai documents in trade for B600, 000

Fake passport maker with ties to China arrested
( Bangkok Post File Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

As part of a global assault on criminals funded by institutions in China, a presumed scammer who deceived international victims into believing he could make false Thai passports was detained on Saturday.

Police executed a subpoena issued on May 24 by the Phra Nakhon Tai Kwaeng Court to assault 48- year- ancient Thanitpong, whose past name was withheld. In a prestigious apartment in Bangkok’s Ramkhamhaeng neighborhood, the suspect, who was wanted for scams, was apprehended.

Officials claimed Mr. Thanitpong offered to provide services to foreigners living in Thailand for a loan of 600,000 baht. A Tengyong bank accounts received the funds.

The target behind the investigation that led to his arrest claimed that the assume demanded an extra 1.3 million baht after the first settlement in October 2023 to speed up the procedure. A full of 1.9 million ringgit was transferred without success after the complaint was filed.

Before the Covid- 19 crisis, Mr. Thanitpong provided passport transformation services to immigrants who did not meet the citizenship requirements. He acknowledged the allegations and stated that he had acknowledged the allegations. He was unable to continue his work after Thai officials began to impose stricter penalties for crimes committed by entities in China. He was charged 2.5 million ringgit per person.

The suspect requested to bring all charges against himself after learning that a subpoena was also out for his father’s arrest because his father was aware of his plan.