Police investigating after 5-year-old girl allegedly kicked by preschool teacher

Police investigating after 5-year-old girl allegedly kicked by preschool teacher

SINGAPORE: The police are investigating after a&nbsp, 5- year- old woman was reportedly kicked in the knee by a school teacher.

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA ) spokeswoman to CNA on Thursday ( Jun 6 ) that the incident took place on April 2.

According to CNA, the professor wanted to make the woman sit adequately, so she was kicked in the shin. &nbsp,

The care center “immediately suspended the teacher from school duties” after being alerted on April 3. The school was never named in accordance with the Children and Young Peoples Act.

The teacher later resigned and has n’t worked in the preschool sector since, according to ECDA.

“ECDA has concluded studies, and taken regulation actions against the school controller and professor involved”, it added.

” As officers investigations are ongoing, we are unable to comment further on the situation information”.

The officers said that a statement has been filed and that studies are still being conducted in response to CNA’s inquiries. &nbsp,

Within 24 hours of the event occurring, classrooms are required to report to the ECDA all critical incidents that threaten the security of kids and their employees, according to the organization. &nbsp,

ECDA added that it follows up on alleged child mismanagement instances through unannounced visits to institutions, interviews and identification of information, &nbsp, and “immediate steps” may be taken if the findings support the allegations.

The organization added that it is necessary for all school users to have” structural measures” to protect children.

This includes making sure that policies and procedures for children are constantly and properly implemented.

Preschools may also make sure that their instructors interact with children using developmentally appropriate methods, according to ECDA.

School users have to find the company’s approval before hiring teachers, which checks that the applicant holds the necessary qualifications. &nbsp,

Candidates also have to consider that they have not committed crimes, received instructions from the officers or ECDA, or are under police analysis.

An ECDA director told CNA in August of last year that “individuals with a prior conviction for crimes involving ill-treatment of babies will not be allowed to work in the school business.”

Every 100, 000 engaged children are affected by child mismanagement, or about 10 supported cases per year, and that figure has remained constant over the years. &nbsp,

Next time, videos of professors allegedly&nbsp, tough- handling children at two Kinderland preschools went viral on social media.

One of them, Lin Min, 34, was charged last year with poor- treating a 23- fortnight- old woman. She was &nbsp, handed new charges&nbsp, involving three different children in February.

The various former school teacher was &nbsp, given a conditional notice by the authorities.

In August next year, ECDA announced that&nbsp, CCTVs may be required at all preschools&nbsp, by July 2024.