Police chief shuffled after casino bust

Police chief shuffled after casino bust

Pol Maj Gen Prattana Phaenpha, chief of the Nonthaburi Provincial Police, has been transferred to an inactive post at the Royal Thai Police (RTP ) headquarters for allowing a large illegal casino to operate under his watch.

Pol Lt Gen Akkaradet Phimonsri, aide to the federal police commander, said the decision to move Pol Maj Gen Prattana was made yesterday after a assault on a gaming den located in Phra Pin 3 cover house in tambon Bang Mae Nang of Bang Yai district on Wednesday.

The move order was given after a conference presided over by the acting federal police commander, Pol Gen Kittirat Phanphet, during which they agreed on who would take accountability if a gambling den was found in their area by a team of municipal officials more than police.

If a raid on a gambling den involved 20 gamblers, a superintendent of the police station would be transferred. When the number of gamblers is over 50, the commander of the district must take responsibility. If there are over 100 gamblers arrested in a gambling den, a provincial police chief must be investigated.

As more than 300 gamblers were arrested in the recent raid, Pol Maj Gen Prattana then must take responsibility and be transferred to an inactive post at RTP headquarters, pending an investigation, said Pol Lt Gen Akkaradet.

During the raid, the officials seized gambling chips worth about 50 million baht from the tables and another 10 million baht in cash found in a wall safe.

The casino, which included air- conditioned and VIP zones, was being expanded, and had about 60 surveillance cameras installed.

Around 328 alleged gamblers nabbed at the gambling den are now facing legal action. The den’s alleged operator is denying charges against him.