Poh Heng Jewellery hit by data breach, customers’ personal information may have been compromised

Poh Heng Jewellery hit by data breach, customers' personal information may have been compromised

A database breach that occurred on Monday ( Mar 25 ) has been reported to Poh Heng Jewellery’s customers in Singapore.

In response to CNA’s comment, Ezekiel Chin, data protection officer at the jewels firm, said that the illegal entry may have compromised people ‘ personal details.

We immediately secured our system after being discovered, and we have since reported the incident to the Singapore Police Force ( SPF ) and the Personal Data Protection Commission ( PDPC ), according to Mr. Chin.

Additionally, we have confirmed that no repayment information or passwords were leaked. “

When asked why the disturbed people were not notified when the breach was discovered, Mr. Chin explained to CNA that the company’s first goal was to secure the company’s collection and to prevent further information sacrifice and platform settlement.

To assistance and help their studies,” we likewise needed time to strengthen our findings and submit reports to PDPC and SPF.”

Although it may have taken some time, it allowed us to better inform our afflicted members about the steps taken to have and deal with the situation. “

CNA conducted a search on Saturday afternoon and discovered that Poh Heng’s site was down with a posted see reading,” We are upgrading our site to serve you better. “

The illegal group allegedly accessed customers ‘ personal info in a letter sent to customers that was seen by CNA. This may have included  names, phone numbers, email and personal addresses, part IDs, as well as the date of birth and country of residence.

Please be assured that we do not keep any financial data in Poh Heng’s deal, the letter read. Additionally, there is no proof that person credentials have been accessed. “

However, clients were advised to” carefully monitor” their balances with any company for any” suspicious or unusual exercise”.

We advise that you keep an eye out for phishing attempt, particularly when clicking on links that might point you to phishing-related sites where your passwords or other sensitive information might be requested.

Additionally, Poh Heng added that the company is now collaborating with important teams and experts to look into the incident.

We will carefully evaluate our software and data security procedures to improve safeguards against potential attacks, and data security and consumer privacy are of utmost importance to us. “