Phuket on alert for bad weather from Saturday

Resort beach wants to prevent another flood that sparked a full-fledged quake in late June.

Phuket on alert for bad weather from Saturday
Phuket people are prepared for possible heavy thunderstorms from Saturday through Wednesday in order to prevent a duplicate of the inundation it experienced on June 30. ( Photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran )

After temperature experts issued a warning of possible heavy rains along the Andaman Coast that may cause strong winds, storms, and rough seas, all companies on Phuket area have been placed on high alert.

Srattha Thongkham, the lieutenant governor of Phuket, issued a notice on Thursday instructing all districts and regional administration organizations to be on the lookout for potential hurricanes that could wreak havoc on the hotel island.

In light of concerns that storms could cause flash floods, landslides, and floods, with liquid overflowing reservoirs, the training read “very serious” directed them to keep a close watch on conditions and stay residents informed.

The Meteorological Department business on the Andaman coast issued a notice about additional rain and probable heavy downpours in some locations across all southern counties from Saturday through Wednesday. The general public should be aware of the dangers of large and extremely heavy rainfall over this period, it said.

On June 30, Phuket experienced panic caused by prolonged rains that slammed the vacation area, causing delays in both inbound and outbound flights. Some flights had to divert their aircraft to another flights for landing.

Mr. Srattha stated on Thursday that if officials determine that any tourist destinations or areas that are in danger of flooding should remain closed from Saturday.

He further advised customer and fishing boats to stay away from the coastline because of the possibility of large waves and red-flagged beaches for swimmers.

If people have a fear of flooding, mudslides, or landslides, officials and volunteers are advised to stand guard and leave their belongings to higher ground.