Parts of a northwest Delhi flooded after canal breach

A senior local official stated in a social media post that parts of north-western Delhi were flooded on Thursday ( Jul 11 ) after a leak in a canal that supplies water from a nearby state. Repair work was being carried out to minimize the impact.

In the past two weeks, the capital’s people have experienced a number of extreme weather conditions, including severe rain and storms that caused a roof to collapse at the town’s airport.

In a blog on X, Delhi Water Minister Atishi reported that there had been a breach in one of the Munak Canal’s sub-branches now ( in the early morning ).

People of the city of Bawana in north-west Delhi were depicted wading through knee-deep filthy water in images from ANI media company, in which Reuters has a majority stake.

The Yamuna river, near Delhi’s northern frontier with the state of Haryana, is where the Munak canal is located. No injuries have been reported so far from the most recent flood.