PH ‘controlling’ campaign narrative, aiming to win more than 90 seats in Peninsular Malaysia: Rafizi Ramli

Mr Rafizi said on Sunday that PH is aiming to win more than 90 seats in Peninsular Malaysia before working with a coalition in East Malaysia to form the government. This will be possible if the voter turnout this year is more than 70 per cent, he said.

“I think the moment we cross 90 – we are in shot for that now – it’s obvious that Pakatan gets the mandate from the peninsula,” he said.

“Then it’s a question of whether we can work with a coalition in Sabah or Sarawak that receives a mandate from there. And assuming that one or two coalitions (there) get more than 25, it’s already quite a stable government, given that we have the anti-party hopping law and so on.”

Mr Rafizi said on Saturday that he expects PH to win 11 seats in Kuala Lumpur, 19 in Selangor, and possibly 13 to 15 seats in Johor. PH is seen to have more support in the urban rather than rural seats. The latter make up the majority of federal seats.

Mr Rafizi asserted that the support level for PH is “exactly” the same two weeks before Polling Day compared to the previous election in 2018, which it won.

This shows the coalition is “on the right track” to win the election and install PKR president Anwar Ibrahim as Malaysia’s next prime minister, he added.