Panel outlines plan to fix migrant woes

Panel outlines plan to fix migrant woes

Panel outlines plan to fix migrant woes

Three rules have been approved by the National Committee on Migrant Workers Management in order to address the government’s labor shortage and the issue of unlawful workers in Thailand.

The case is expected to quickly receive a proposal for approval.

After a council meeting on Wednesday, Labour Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn revealed that many people in Myanmar were forced to flee to Thailand without identification as a result of the social conflict between coup forces and ethnic rebel groups. This has had an impact on national security.

According to him, some Myanmar employees also made the decision to leave their land after their career agreements ended.

However, there are immigrant workers, including those from other nations, who failed to maintain their files in moment, causing them to be illegal, he said.

To alleviate these issues, the committee has agreed to record improper employees from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in Thailand, Mr Phiphat said.

The council looked into the extension of the work permits for 2 million immigrants whose mandates are scheduled to expire on February 13, 2025, according to the labor minister.

These employees may get given a two- time expansion under the process of a memorandum of understanding, he said.

He added that the commission wants to support producers during longer growing seasons by changing the law to allow for seasonal migrant workers.

The article emphasizes expanding the number of zones where migrant employees can temporarily job, extending the three-month window to six, and adding shopkeeping to the type of work that are permitted for temporary job, he said.

The Department of Employment ( DoE ), which is in charge of Somchai Morakotsriwan, stated that the department intends to soon submit the proposal to the cabinet.

According to him, workers with unlawful position may be moved to deferrals once the cabinet has approved them.

They may call the Labour Ministry’s 1506 line or the Department of Employment’s 1694 line or visit agency. come. t for more details, said Mr Somchai.