Opposition leader Pritam Singh set to go on trial in October

Opposition leader Pritam Singh set to go on trial in October

Pritam Singh, the leader of the Workers ‘ Party and leader of the Opposition, is scheduled to appear in court in SINGAPORE in October.

Singh, 47, faces two charges of lying in Parliament to a Committee of Privileges over Raeesah Khan’s scenario.

A total of 16 days of trial were scheduled for him at a pre-trial conference held on Friday morning ( May 31 ) in chambers away from the public and the media, before Deputy Principal District Judge Luke Tan.

The trial’s second half is scheduled to start on October 14 through October 18, according to court documents.

Another three times were set for the prosecution if needed, spanning Oct 21 to Oct 24, Nov 5 to Nov 8 and Nov 11 to Nov 13.

Singh hired professionals Mr Andre Darius Jumabhoy and Mr Aristotle Emmanuel Eng Zhen Yang&nbsp, from a store law firm&nbsp, in April.

He had stated his intention to contest the test from the day he was charged in judge, pledging not guilty on March 19; he had already made that statement.

In the people receiving room at Parliament House, Singh is accused of knowingly responding inconsequentially on December 10, 2021, and December 15, 2021.

This was the subject of a question before the Committee of Privileges, which concerned Ms. Khan, who had allegedly lied about a sexual assault case and accused the officers of handling the case improperly.

Singh allegedly falsely claimed that he had spoken to Ms. Khan to let her know what she had said in Parliament about accompanying a murder victim to a police depot, and that he had spoken to her to let her know what she had said in relation to the same subject. &nbsp,

If convicted of lying under the Parliament ( Privileges, Immunities and Powers ) Act, he could be jailed for up to three years, fined up to S$ 7, 000, or both per charge.

CNA has contacted Singh’s attorneys for more information.