Oil trader fined for squeezing woman’s buttock at KTV lounge after networking event

SINGAPORE: An oil trader was fined S$4,000 by a court on Thursday (Dec 22) for molesting a woman he met at a networking event.

Emad Abdel Rahman Shehadeh Abdul Wahid, 37, pleaded guilty to one count of using criminal force to outrage the woman’s modesty by squeezing her buttock at a KTV lounge.

The court heard that Jordanian national Emad was introduced to the victim, a Singaporean, at a work event on Sep 25.

The victim was working at a local company involved with Emad’s line of work.

The pair exchanged name cards, and Emad told the victim that she was very attractive and looked good for her age.

The victim brushed this off and walked away to talk to other people, but Emad continued to look for her. He placed his hand around her waist each time he talked to her.

The victim shifted Emad’s hand away and moved away each time.

Emad probed the victim about her relationship status and asked to see her more. He also asked if they could meet for dinner.

He sent the woman a message on WhatsApp, saying he did not get enough of her smile and that he “can’t get enough” of her.

This was met with lukewarm reception from the victim, who merely replied “haha”, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Timothy Ong.


When the event ended at about 11.30pm, both of them took chartered buses to a karaoke lounge at Central Mall, where their colleagues continued networking.

The victim deliberately chose a separate bus, though Emad wanted to take the same bus. 

When the victim got there, she saw that Emad was already seated and intentionally chose another table to sit at.

However, Emad went to her table and told her to sit beside him. She did so, and Emad started telling her that he liked her.

At about 1am on Sep 26 at the lounge, Emad slid his hand under the victim’s buttock and squeezed it with force.

At the same time, he told the victim: “You have a very nice ass.”

The victim felt that the squeeze was very hard. She was shocked and did not know how to react.

Later, she called a private-hire car for Emad when he said he wanted to leave. Before he left, he hugged the victim and told her he wished to see her again.

She responded that she was “not so sure” about that, as she had many meetings.

Emad continued to text the victim from 1.30am to 3am. He sent messages like: “Thanks a lot for the taxi..am I the luckiest man on this planet to find you” and “I will need to make it up for you..you choose..dinner or drinks” and “Won’t take no for an answer”.

She told him to stop communicating with her a few days later, as she was uncomfortable with what he had said and his behaviour. Emad apologised and the victim blocked him. A day after this, she lodged a police report.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Timothy Ong called for a S$5,000 fine, saying the act of squeezing, though fleeting, was with considerable force.

The victim felt violated, and Emad’s conduct following the event exacerbated her uneasiness, especially when he said he wanted to meet her and would not take no for an answer, said Mr Ong.

Lawyer Ramesh Tiwary also asked for a fine. He said his client had no prior convictions and cooperated in investigations.

He also gave his apology in court for his behaviour and saved the lady from having to testify, said the lawyer.

The judge said he would give a slightly lower fine after taking into consideration Emad’s guilty plea and the time spent at the police station.