No need for Covid boosters

No need for Covid boosters

No need for Covid boosters

The most common exceptions to this rule are those who are vulnerable and those who are not infected because the symptoms are fairly minor and the cost of the vaccine, according to pathologist Yong Poovorawan, are vulnerable groups and those who are not.

Dr Yong, from the Centre of Excellence in Clinical Virology at Chulalongkorn University, said the intensity of the disease has continuously decreased, related to different respiratory conditions, thanks to the high levels of treatments and herd immunity.

Roughly 90 % of the population has so far been infected with the virus. Since the pandemic started, the majority of the older people who spend their majority of their time at home have been able to escape infection.

As Covid- 19 has become widespread, annual flare- ups are to be expected like other respiratory disorders. These occurrences are more common in Thailand during the rainy season, while those in countries with long winters did experience a rise in infections brought on by the long cold.

” In Thailand, Covid- 19 outbreaks are popular during the rainy season or at the start of a new class semester”, Dr Yong said.

” Most patients have mild symptoms and can take care of themselves”, he said, adding,” the hospitalisation rate is also lower than at the same period last year”.

According to Dr. Yong, the combined death toll from Covid- 19 this year should never exceed 300, related to flu. Covid- 19’s seriousness and the hospitalization price are expected to decrease even more.

When asked about the Covid- 19 vaccines, Dr. Yong claimed that the National Health Security Office ( NHSO ) no longer receives a subsidy to distribute them for free.

Due to the relatively high cost, he claimed, there is no need for good children, people, or the older to receive booster shots.

Anyone who wants to get vaccinated may compensate for it out of their own pocket, and the vaccine is pricey.

” The need for the vaccination has dropped, but resources are limited, driving up retail prices, “he said.

Between May 26 and June 1, the Department of Disease Control ( DDC ) released a weekly report on the Covid- 19 infections that were reported across the country. It found 1, 863 situations are being treated in institutions, with a regular average of six deaths.

The number of cases has reached 20, 483, with 132 incidents.