New senators get ready to work as probes continue

Election Commission issues outcomes and asks police and others to assist with alleged collusion investigation.

New senators get ready to work as probes continue
For the last round of voting on June 26th, Election Commission Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee arrives at the Nonthaburi location of Impact Muang Thong Thani. He made the official certification of the findings known on Wednesday. ( Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

Thailand’s 200 fresh legislators will be required to submit a statement to Parliament on Monday, even as the Election Commission is looking into various claims of cooperation and other voter fraud.

After eventually certifying the results of the three-stage vote that ended on June 26, the ballot system said on Wednesday that the new lawmakers may pick up their diplomas on Thursday and Friday.

Caretaker lawmaker Somchai Swangkarn claimed that the 250 lawmakers the military-linked state appointed in 2019 were supposed to stop carrying out their duties now that the findings were final.

The new top house’s annual program, according to the Senate Secretariat, will be scheduled for shortly after its members ‘ reports on Monday.

However, the EC stated that it would work with three organizations to maintain looking into alleged collusion in order to fix the election.

The surveys body met on Wednesday morning to discuss whether the unofficial results were suddenly ready to be confirmed two days after the last votes were cast. That assurance came at 2.30pm, when it released a list of titles of the 200 lawmakers and 100 options.
Senator-elect Kohdeeyoh Songngam, in Group 18 ( mass communications and literature ), was the only person disqualified so far. It was discovered that she had advised the Ang Thong municipal administrative organization’s president. The work is a social post, which made her disqualified.

The second alternative in Group 18, Maj Korapot Runghirunwat, was named to fill the vacant seats.

At a afterwards press conference, EC Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee stated that the payment felt the vote was in keeping with Article 42 of the natural law and that it would formally certify the outcome.

Fending off criticism about the ballot body’s processing of the battle, he said it had reviewed complaints and divided them into three categories: deception or fraud, offences related to the vote method on election days, and candidates ‘ qualifications.

There are 47 complaints about cooperation to mend the outcome, according to Mr Sawaeng. According to him, the EC has begun gathering preliminary data and has contacted the Royal Thai Police, the DSI, and the Anti-Money Laundering Office for assistance in investigating these complaints.

” We’ve been working with senior officials from these organizations for a month. The Office of the EC needs to utilize their resources to obtain evidence”, he said.

The Supreme Court dismissed all of the complaints made to the court about the election approach on election time, according to Mr. Sawaeng. He added that three files were submitted to the EC, which decided to gather more information to maintain a fair hearing between the accusers and the accused.

Before and during the battle, he claimed, the ballot firm assessed candidates ‘ enrollment and qualifications. Before voting began, 1, 917 people’s apps were rejected, and more than 600 were disqualified because they met the qualifications needs.

Mr. Sawaeng stated that the EC did request that the Supreme Court withdraw the rights of some candidates who may face criminal charges for running in elections despite knowing they were ineligible. &nbsp,

He even clarified that the term “profession” or “occupation” were poorly used when referring to the 20 parties in which individuals competed.

To ensure people from different backgrounds and experiences you participate in the election, he explained, the natural laws on the Senate vote and the law use a broader Thai name, jack, which means website, area, or field.

” ]After all these steps], the EC agreed the Senate election approach was good, clean and constitutional and decided to accept the election effect”, he said.