New Minions show, meet-and-greet sessions and flash mob at Universal Studios Singapore from July

New Minions show, meet-and-greet sessions and flash mob at Universal Studios Singapore from July

Tourists can visit New York Street to see the larger-than-life tents of laser-blasted Mega Mel, very strong Mega Dave, flying Mega Gus, and invincible Mega Jerry. &nbsp,

Over at the Lagoon Stage, readers may even find Gru and his home: Lucy, Margo, Edith and Agnes.


What’s a new video without a fresh USS present? This new show, titled Mission: MEGA, follows the Anti- Villain League ( AVL ) as they seek volunteers to test their new Mega technology which transforms people into Mega humans. &nbsp,

After their vision attracted unnecessary interest, soldiers Kevin and Stuart, as well as the AVL have to stop a” Big devastation”.

At the conclusion of the present at the New York Public Library, visitors you anticipate a meet-and-greet with Kevin, Stuart, and the Giant people. &nbsp,

Creature FLASH MOB

When a group of Minions begin dancing in the middle of New York Street, do n’t be alarmed. With their Minionvasion display mob, the AVL Minions may become launching into a high-energy dance performance.

These grooving Minions will also have the opportunity to meet them at their meet-and-greet at the New York Public Library. &nbsp,

Product AND FOOD

The Minion love does n’t need to stay at USS. The Universal Studios Store and Minion Mart have an exclusive Despicable Me 4 video range for customers.

Besides clothes, visitors may even find plushies, laugh blasters and action figures, among other items.

That’s not all. In the Hollywood area, the former The Brown Derby will house a fresh UNIVRS business.

There, visitors can find unique products inspired by Universal figures. For the initial limited June 2024 release, there will be the Minions by Buff Monster cooperation, as well as merchandise for another fan favourites like the Woody Woodpecker, Popular Stuff and Back To The Future.

Please take note that minimal quantities and seasonal releases are available. &nbsp,

However, readers can also delve into Despicable Me 4- themed foods at Popcorn Delights, Mel’s Drive- In, Star Snacks, KT’s Grill and Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor. There will be snacks and drink including burgers, pizza, muffins, macarons and snacks.

With regular attendance to USS, a Mega Despicable Summer is included. Tickets financial from S$ 74 per child and S$ 59 per baby. From Jun 10, cards will come with a S$ 5 food card and a S$ 5 financial card. For more information, visit the RWS site.