“Never stop practising” earns southern girl young farmers award

"Never stop practising" earns southern girl young farmers award

'Never stop practising' earns southern girl young farmers award
As a younger producer, Rattanakarn Nualchan keeps up his education and training. ( Photo: Screen capture from Phatthalung Agricultural Office Video )

A 15-year-old woman from Phatthalung will benefit from her powerful determination to learn this year’s Royal Ploughing Day, which is on Friday.

Rattanakarn Nualchan’s achievements have made her a star among the province’s fresh farmers. At Ban Teng School in her native Khuan Khanun city, she took a major role in a range of agricultural initiatives, including growing rice, growing vegetables, and feeding carp. All of these initiatives are environmentally friendly.

She raises chillies and other domestic plants for use at home, and she sells deficit at markets as money for her families, who have been farmers for generations. She has been a part of the exercise since she was 11 and has participated in since she was 11. She also helps them touch rubber trees to make money.

In her completely day, she noticed several cows roaming in her village. So she thought about using them to make insect compost at home and shared her ideas with her companions at school.

Her victory has given her opportunities to share all of her gardening information with other organizations in Phatthalung and even the nearby regions, including the young farmers ‘ team set up at the school.

” The planting job at Ban Teng School is outstanding”, Sansern Boonsanit, the captain of the city crops office in Khuan Khanun, said on YouTube. It “helps kids respect farmers and appreciate the value of farming,” the teacher said.

In addition to 37 different farming organizations and individuals, Rattanakarn was the youngest recipient of the prize at the Royal Ploughing Ceremony on Friday at Sanam Luang, according to their Majesties the King and the Queen.

This month, she will remain her education at the district’s Khuan Khanun School.

The young producer was unavailable for comment, but she previously revealed to the Agriculture News website her secret to success tagline.

” Do n’t ever stop practising because every knowledge comes from them”, she said.

Rattanakarn Nualchan, 15, has received the young farmer nomination on Royal Ploughing Day this time. ( Photo: Department of Agricultural&nbsp, Extension )

At Ban Teng School in the city of Khuan Khanun in Phatthalung province, students demonstrate their farming prowess. ( Video: Charida Kaewrattana )