MP’s ‘draft dodging’ probe expanded

MP's 'draft dodging' probe expanded

Further research will be done into allegations that Move Forward Party ( MFP ) MP Jirat Thongsuwan evaded mandatory military conscription, according to Lt Gen Taweepool Rimsakorn, commanding general of the Territorial Defence Command ( TDC ), on Friday.

According to Lt Gen Taweepool, neither a recruitment document that matches the paper presented to the media by Mr. Jirat nor an authentic Sor Dor 43 record were found in the TDC’s archive.

The MP may send the original file to the TDC for the purpose of the investigation, he added, adding that it would broaden its inquiries into who issued Mr. Jirat’s document.

According to Lt. Gen. Taweepool, persons without disability who undergo military list should include a Sor Dor 43 document with five officers ‘ signatures and their prints on it.

Jirat: Files for military inspection

Suphanat Meenchainan, a MFP MP, was charged on February 1 with not taking part in the draft by the website” Wannee Kaoklai Kohok Arai” ( What Is the Move Forward Party Lying About Today ), and the TDC will also look into his service exemption data. ).

The investigations, according to Lt. Gen. Taweepool, are neither political nor an effort to discredit the group. According to him, the TDC is simply looking into a legal matter in accordance with the relevant laws.

According to Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, a party-list MFP MP and the head of the House committee on martial affairs, some military interviewing officials are reportedly involved in the illegal sale of Sor Dor 43 credentials.

According to Mr. Wiroj, those recruiting officers allegedly sold legitimate credentials to those who wanted to avoid enlisting in the military.

He stated that a legal action will be taken if necessary and that an investigation into this state is ongoing.

Mr. Wiroj added that on Friday, he also spoke with Defense Minister Sutin Klungsaeng about the matter.