More in Singapore seeking treatment for fear of flying after SQ321 turbulence incident

More in Singapore seeking treatment for fear of flying after SQ321 turbulence incident

Would NOT MINIMISE Concerns

Aviation professionals have argued that turmoil that causes serious harm and deaths is extremely uncommon since the two turmoil incidents.

However, according to the latest information from the International Air Transport Association, 2023 ranked among the safest times in aviation. Out of approximately 37 million planes, only one fatality occurred.

Also, this is not enough for some to restore their confidence in flying.

Professionals like Ms. Siti Mariam claimed that the situation can be treated. They employ a variety of methods, including talking about the fear and also using artwork to assist clients in managing their phobia.

Ms. Siti, the deputy psychiatrist at Private Space Medical, claimed that those who have aerophobia may experience symptoms even after just hearing about traveling.

” If you do know people who may have aerophobia, the last thing you want to do is to minimise their anxieties”, she added.

” I believe it’s best to just get present,” he said,” to just listen and see how it’s affecting them and how they’re attempting to control and cope.”

Dr Kang suggested rest techniques, as well as inhaling activities and distraction methods.

” But if these fears are a lot more common, and one is experiencing dysfunctional thoughts- they buy into the crisis, they buy into the exaggeration of danger- they’re good to need more than fast fixes”, she said.

Ms. Siti remarked that even with expert help, social support might be of assistance.

” Be knowledge and give them space if you’re able to, let them that area to be able to speak, or even if they do not want to chat, just be with them”, she added.