Moon and Saturn to move closer together, appear to ‘touch’ in late July

Singaporean astronomers will enjoy a treat as the sky and Saturn are scheduled to come closer and look to” effect” each other from later on July 24 until the early days of the following day. &nbsp,

According to NASA, the connection is caused when the moon, a world, or a celebrity appear near together in the earth’s evening sky.

In this case, Saturn and the sun may appear to be nearer to one another.

The Science Centre Observatory (SCOB ) responded to questions from CNA on Thursday ( Jul 11 ) by saying that” this occurs because of Saturn’s and the moon’s positions in their respective orbits around Earth and the sun.” &nbsp,

On July 24, this connection can be observed starting at 1:30 p.m. &nbsp,

The sun and Saturn will finally come to a close second at 4.31 a.m. on July 25, according to SCOB. &nbsp,

In the northeast sky, the sun and Saturn will be very close to one another at night. &nbsp,

” As the evening progresses, they may proceed closer and appear to ‘ touch’ and are almost indistinguishable to the dressed eye, “added the observatory. &nbsp,

Last year, a similar conjunction occurred between the sun and Venus. &nbsp,

During such verbs, these things in the sky does appear to be close to one another from an observer’s perspective, yet”, they are not actually physically close to each other”, said SCOB.