Monkey attacks keep Koh Chang park officials at bay

Monkey attacks keep Koh Chang park officials at bay

Monkey attacks keep Koh Chang park officials at bay
Lemurs sit on a wayside challenge on Koh Chang in Trat state. Their growing variety is causing a headache for garden authorities and people on the island. ( Photo: Jakkrit Waewkraihong )

TRAT: Koh Chang park authorities are fed up with a growing number of lemurs that pose a threat to local residents and visitors as well as destructive home.

Neramit Songsagne, commander of Mu Koh Chang National Park, said on Sunday the area is mulling two strategies to control the roving monkeys, either by sterilising them to manage their fertilization or moving them off the beach to fresh sanctuaries on the island. The area is awaiting advice from a study by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation on the effects of the monkeys on the island, the national added.

The actual amount of the lemurs on the resort area is unknown, but the garden estimates the populace is in the hundreds.

Park data show that the monkeys have assaulted customers and area residents, damaged homes, hotels and other components, and properly present a threat of influenza.

Mr Neramit said the area had set off 390, 000 ringgit to command the macaque havoc.

Tambon Koh Chang president Sanya Kermanee acknowledged the problem, saying the monkeys scare travelers. They have even begun to enter into vineyards, intimidating fruit farmers. The governor said the area was partly to blame, since it threatens legal actions against people who attack the primates as they are one of the species under shelter by regulation.

Scary lemurs hit the headlines after they attacked citizens in Lop Buri this quarter. The Natural Resources and the Environment Ministry has approved a new rules powerful on Saturday to compensate people attacked by them.

Koh Chang is the most popular tourist destination in the southeast state, drawing tens of thousands of people during extended weekends and public holidays.