MOH rejects ‘egregious and false claims’ by People’s Power Party about COVID-19 vaccines

MOH rejects 'egregious and false claims' by People's Power Party about COVID-19 vaccines

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health ( MOH) on Monday ( Jun 3 ) rejected “egregious and false claims” cited by the People’s Power Party, which had called for a suspension of COVID- 19 vaccination.

According to the opposition party’s Twitter post on May 29,” reports and analyses by prominent medical professionals” were cited in the claim that COVID-19 vaccines had high incidences of serious side effects, according to MOH.

In a press release on Monday, the government said in addition to trying to link high vaccination rates to excessive deaths.

The Women’s Power Party claimed that since 2021, when the COVID- 19 immunization was introduced in comparison to the prior decades, Singapore has experienced “unusual and excessively large extra deaths.”

The opposition party stated in its Facebook post that it is more concerning that the large excess deaths problem is not unique to Singapore because other greatly COVID-19-vaccinated nations and regions are also having similar issues.

The Health Ministry, according to the MOH, absolutely refutes these outrageous and false promises, saying that people must “draw the correct opinions and adhere to the medical information on the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.”

The majority of Singaporeans took the vaccines, according to MOH, is the main reason why Singapore had one of the lowest excessive death rates in the world during the pandemic.

The government added that, in contrast to the claims that vaccinations have caused extra deaths, numerous studies have shown that COVID- 19 vaccinations lower the risk of death when administered during the pandemic.

This includes places that mostly use the mRNA vaccines, it added.

” In fact, 19.8 million deaths from COVID- 19 were prevented nationally within the first 12 months that vaccinations became available ( from December 2020 to December 2021 )”, said MOH.

The Health Ministry added that more people died in Singapore during the pandemic from COVID-19 infections or from a new disease. Of those who died, there was an “over- picture” of people who were never fully vaccinated.

The higher level of vaccine protection in our society averted some COVID- associated deaths, protected our healthcare system from being overwhelmed, and allowed us to protect lives and livelihoods, said the ministry. &nbsp,

According to the author,” the safety that COVID- 19 vaccines provide is in large part a result of our normal lives today.”