Modi eyes triumph as India counts epic vote

Modi eyes triumph as India counts epic vote


Voters cast their ballots in the metropolises of New Delhi and Mumbai, as well as in sparsely populated jungle areas and in the high-altitude territory of Kashmir, which were remarkable in size and logistical difficulty.

Votes were cast on electronic voting machines, but the score will likely be quick, with benefits expected within days.

Counting will begin at 8am ( 0230 GMT ) in key centres in each state, with the data fed into computers.

Chief vote director Rajiv Kumar vowed that there was a “robust counting process in place” and that “people should be aware of the strength of American democracy.”

Writers from India’s top TV stations will compete for the top 543 seats in the lower house of parliament to show up outside each counting center.

Essential trends have been established by mid-afternoon, with losers expressing disappointment, perhaps though final results may only be announced later on Tuesday night.

If the results of the exit poll predictions, celebrations are anticipated at the BJP’s office.

The winning article is a simple preponderance of 272 votes, and the BJP won 303 at the last elections in 2019.


Elections director Kumar declared the 642 million seats cast a “world report” on Monday.

But based on the agency’s determine of an voter of 968 million, attendance came to 66.3 percentage, down around one percent stage from 67.4 percent in the last polls in 2019.

Due to the Monday re-polling that took place in two facilities in West Bengal state, last voter data is still being collected.

Experts attribute the lower turnout to a severing heat wave that spanned northeastern India, with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Uttar Pradesh, where it reached 46.9 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, at least 33 polling team members lost their lives.

Polling should have been scheduled to end a fortnight earlier, Kumar acknowledged. ” We should not have done it in so much heat”, he said.