Massage parlour licence revoked after pub raid

In the midst of an investigation into illegal company providing Chinese goods, two Makkasan police officers were transferred.

Chinese patrons wait inside a pub found to be operating illegally on the premises of a massage parlour in Huai Khwang district of Bangkok after a police raid around 3am on Friday. (Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham)
After a police raid at around 3am on Friday, Chinese customers are forced to wait inside the restaurant that was discovered to be operating fraudulently on the property of saatchi massage parlors in Bangkok’s Huai Khwang area. ( Wassayos Ngamkham provided the photo )

A police raid on a restaurant that was operating fraudulently inside the mixture and where many Taiwanese tourists were discovered using drugs resulted in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration suspending the license of the massage parlor in Huai Khwang area.

Following the attack, which occurred at 3 a.m. on Friday, two senior police officers from the Makkasan authorities station were transferred to passive positions.

The BMA attempt was posted in front of a Meree Massage tower on New Phetchaburi Road on Saturday by police and representatives from the Huai Khwang neighborhood office.

The city office’s director, Paithoon Ngammook, claimed that the massage parlor had been recognized as a legal entity fifty years prior. It again dispatched a consultant to the office to ask for permission to run an entertainment venue.

Later inspection by city authorities revealed that the location had not complied with safety standards. The permit was never issued. Before word of the attack spread on Friday, he claimed, there had been no communication between the company and the city workplace.

Because the fraudulently run bar was situated inside the same building, according to Mr. Paithoon, government had to close the massage parlor in order to set a precedent.

A sizable banner was also posted by officials announcing the building’s license revocation and the five-year ban on its use.

The restaurant may be subject to a problem for operating without authorization. According to him, the offense carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and / or an additional fine of up to 50,000 ringgit.

Early on Friday, police searched sachets of illegal drugs inside a Chinese tourist-frequented restaurant in the Huai Khwang area. ( Wassayos Ngamkham provided the photo )

48 Taiwanese tourists and five Thai people were detained during a raid on the Diamond KTV restaurant inside the massage parlor on Friday by police from the Children and Women Protection Division and the Office of the Narcotics Control Board. At the Makkasan officers depot, everyone was detained for questioning.

Along with drug-taking equipment, at least four different types of drugs were seized, including cocaine, morphine, alcohol, and” content water ,” an illicit drug concoction.

The 48 Foreign visitors were among the 56 people who were detained during the attack, according to police on Saturday.

Authorities claimed on Friday that the company they raided operated similarly to the legendary Jinling restaurant. The latter was the goal of a attack last year that sparked inquiries into the nation’s popular Chinese gang activity.

However, following the raid, the Metropolitan Police Division 1 signed a directive on Saturday to transfer two older officers to the Makkasan place.

The officials were Pol Lt Col Booncharaat Chote, assistant superintendent for exploration, and pol Col Jarin Lamluek, director of the place.

They were moved to the MPD Operations Center 1 and became operational right away.

During the assault, two members of a police squad stand guard at the pub’s entrance. ( Wassayos Ngamkham provided the photo )