From pistols to bagpipes: Meet the all-female Singapore police pipes and drums band

From pistols to bagpipes: Meet the all-female Singapore police pipes and drums band


Users of WPPD can concentrate on their work or family obligations thanks to the flexible nature of their music training routine. When they need to get deployed or engage in officers businesses, they go through the customary police training.

When significant activities like the Police Day Parade take place, they go through lengthy practices that can last until 8 or 9 p.m.

SSS Ahllima, who is responsible for managing the security crowd at high-profile events as part of her SPF responsibilities, said,” We will inform our families in advance so they can understand our work schedule and they know I’ll spend time( with them ) later once the schedule is less packed.”

In actuality, the group is made up of a number of parents who have met outside of the workplace. While SI Emilah has two kids as well, SSS Ahllima has her own two young children and nbsp, whom she claimed are more interested in drums.

The trio has performed at events all over the world, including those in Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Indonesia, and Edinburgh, which SSS Ahllima referred to as the” Mecca of pipe bands ,” in addition to Police Day Parades.

The group is currently looking for new members from the SPF, and they will have the chance to discover the bagpipes as well as various percussion instruments like the strain, bass, or snare drums.

It’s precisely what I expected now that I’m considering a career in music, said SSS Ahllima.

I played for our Madam President( Halimah Yacob ), and I get to travel to beautiful locations and meet a lot of officials. So far, it’s been a great trip.