Man to be charged with making bomb threats during multiple calls with DBS

Man to be charged with making bomb threats during multiple calls with DBS

A 34-year-old man was detained by the police on Monday ( May 27 ) after allegedly making bomb threats while making numerous calls to DBS Bank.

According to the officers on Tuesday, a DBS member called the police on Monday at around 2.10pm after receiving at least 30 calls from a guy. The suspect has reportedly said&nbsp, he may be planting a weapon within an afternoon at the DBS office.

The company’s major workplace- DBS Asia Central- is located at&nbsp, Marina Bay Financial Centre.

Within four days of the reported explosive threat, officers from the Bedok Police Division were able to recognize the man and take him into custody. &nbsp,

According to the police, initial studies revealed that the person had no means to carry out his threat and that no suspicious things had been discovered at DBS Asia Hub or DBS Asia Central.

In Changi Business Park, the nine-story DBS Asia Hub building is located.

On Wednesday, the man may be charged in court with giving false information about a danger. &nbsp,

If convicted, he faces up to seven years ‘ jail, a maximum fine of&nbsp, S$ 50, 000 ( US$ 37, 100 ) or both. &nbsp,

The police said they take safety threats critically and will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone who raises concern with fake threats.

Making fake threats comes at the cost of public assets that have to be deployed to deal with the incident, the officers continued.” Beyond the anxiety and pain caused to other members of the public, making false risks comes at the cost of public resources that have to be deployed,” &nbsp,