Malaysia GE15: BN confident of being dominant party in government, says Ismail Sabri as campaigning kicks off

“The decision for me to be prime minister after this election is decided by the UMNO supreme council and UMNO general assembly,” he said, adding that 156 out of the party’s 190 divisions also supported the decision.

“This nomination has not been reversed. There is no council that said otherwise, meaning, what is decided still stands.”

Mr Ismail Sabri said he would retable Malaysia’s budget for 2023 if he continues as prime minister after the election, although he stressed that his focus is on campaigning.

“The focus now is I win in Bera, and BN wins the election and forms the government. That’s more important,” he said.

“If I win but the party loses the election, there is no meaning. In the end, I will become the leader of the opposition.”

Mr Ismail Sabri also outlined what he planned to do for the people of Bera, including continuing to develop the area’s infrastructure and helping people in the rural villages.

Mr Ismail Sabri said he will tour the country, including a visit in Melaka, on the campaign trail. Polling takes place on Nov 19.

Mr Abas, the PH candidate in Bera, said he did not think of his candidacy as going up against the prime minister, but as a chance to work for the people.

“I have worked as a director in the Selangor state education administration,” he said, adding that he has worked as a principal in five schools across Malaysia.

“So with that experience, I feel I can do a good job for the people if given the opportunity.”

Mr Asmawi of PN said he is looking forward to a clean contest without candidates resorting to jibes.

“We just want the best for the people of Bera,” he said, adding that he is still studying the issues they face and will announce his areas of focus in due course.