Lum Kok Seng, construction firm boss named in Iswaran’s latest charges, interviewed by CPIB several times

Lum Kok Seng, construction firm boss named in Iswaran's latest charges, interviewed by CPIB several times

Lum Kok Seng, the man who was named in the most recent accusations brought against him by former transport minister S Iswaran, has conducted numerous interviews with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau ( CPIB ) during their investigation into the ex-politician. &nbsp,

In a bourse filing late on Monday ( Mar 25 ) night, Lum Chang Holdings, where Mr Lum is managing director, responded to queries from the Singapore Exchange (SGX ).

On Monday night, SGX had contacted the business to inquire whether Mr. Lum had been contacted by the commission to help with its examinations and whether there had been any fees or limitations placed on him. &nbsp,

Iswaran’s new costs allege that he&nbsp, obtained valuable items from Mr Lum while he was a common slave. The items, &nbsp, said to be worth S$ 18, 956.94 ( US$ 14, 080 ) in total, &nbsp, include bottles of alcohol, golf clubs and a Brompton bicycle.

According to Iswaran, who knew they were related to a lease for improvement and alteration works on the Tanah Merah MRT station, he obtained these for free from Mr. Lum.

Lum Chang claimed that Mr. Lum had informed the board that he had had” some conversations” with CPIB regarding its investigation into Iswaran. &nbsp,

No charges have been brought against Mr. Lum, and no restraint has been placed against him by the CPIB, it continued. &nbsp,

The committee and the voting committee have reviewed the information and have determined that Mr. Lum is still fit to carry out his responsibilities as the company’s managing director, unless there are circumstances that call for the table and the nominating committee to conduct a re-evaluation.