Lop Buri’s monkey move begins

Lop Buri’s monkey move begins

Moving feral lemurs to a new service will need to be weaned off animal foods.

Lop Buri’s monkey move begins
The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation announced its plan to manage the lemurs in Lop Buri at a press event on April 3. ( Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

Authorities halted company on Wednesday as they moved the first batch of lemurs that have occupied some of Lop Buri’s main thoroughfares, endangered pedestrians, and threatened to destroy the area.

25 chimps were taken from a designated having facility in tambon Po Kao Ton in the Muang district as part of the effort to eradicate the monkey danger that had been plagued the city center.

The service is equipped with three big walls. The next, most spacious enclosure, which had plenty of room for the 25 monkeys, was where they were placed.

According to officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation ( DNP ), they were given natural food like leaves to wean them from the human food they were accustomed to receiving or stealing from passersby.

According to the office, there are about 2,200 macaques occupying uptown Lop Buri, which poses a threat to locals and businesses.

Monday, the capture and transfer operation involved at least 50 officials from the regional administration workplace and the DNP. The activity took place in Tha Hin near the Asia Hotel and King Narai’s house, both of which were nearby.

The second enclosure was moved to see if it would be a good place to live, according to dermatologist Pattaraphon Maneeon, the wildlife conservation office’s director.

The trunks of the chimps had paint marks on them to indicate that they were members of the same force.

They also received medical assessments and where required, were sterilised, said Dr Pattarapon.

After years of living close to people, the monkeys can now exercise and slowly transition into a more healthy environment.

According to Dr. Pattarapon, officials will determine after a month whether the enclosure’s conditions are appropriate for macaques and what can be done to make them better.

Up to 3, 000 monkeys can be housed in the new Po Kao Ton center.

The primates at the site have been receiving food from the general public. Nevertheless, more funds are needed to get food for the lemurs and keep the service, said Lop Buri town mayor Jamroen Salacheep