Last of 10 offenders in S$3 billion money laundering case sentenced

Last of 10 offenders in S$3 billion money laundering case sentenced

Su began working from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before shifting to Manila, Philippines, and ultimately to Singapore- as he wanted his kids to become educated around.

From 2021, the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force has been receiving information about possible income fraud and the use of forged papers to conceal the money’s origin in Singapore bank accounts.

This culminated in parallel islandwide attacks on Aug 15, 2023, resulting in the detention of 10 defendants, including Su.

About S$ 187 million worth of assets linked to Su or held under his sister’s name have been seized- including income, properties, vehicles, luxury goods, crypto and beer.

This is among the highest among the probe’s ten criminals.

Su has agreed to forfeit the state at least 95 % of the seized property.

Prosecutors sought 17 to 18 weeks ‘ prison for Su, the highest sought among the 10, while the army asked for 14.5 weeks instead.

The remaining nine criminals have received sentences of between 13 and 16 months in prison. Despite making hints about potential studies in the beginning, none of them entered pleas of innocent.

After serving their jail sentences for good behavior and time off, those who have already completed their sentences have been deported to numerous nations.