Labubu doll seller faces charges over unmet orders

Labubu doll seller faces charges over unmet orders

Labubu doll seller faces charges over unmet orders
Fake Labubu puppets were sold last month at a store in the Sampheng business. ( Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut )

If a customer does n’t deliver the highly sought-after Labubu dolls that over 100 customers had already paid for in advance, they could face fraud charges.

The buyers reported the owner of the Facebook page” Chompoo Utaisincharoen” to the Central Investigation Bureau ( CIB ) on Monday, claiming losses of up to 12 million baht.

One of the consumers, who declined to be identified, claimed the owner on Facebook was an importer of Labubu puppets and was aiming to sell the well-known toy figures for resale.

The sufferers were then instructed to transfer the funds to finish the deal, according to the consumer, noting that everyone followed the instructions because they had never previously had trouble purchasing items from Facebook. &nbsp,

About a month before, the seller stated that the dolls would be delayed in their delivery, citing supply issues brought on by constitutional arguing over a Chinese inventory, the user said.

The user claimed that the owner may use various apologies when asked about the shipping date over the course of the next few weeks.

The seller then promised to provide a complete compensation to the customers, but no payments have been given to day, leading to the filing of a lawsuit against the customers. &nbsp,

As of Monday, over 100 people have claimed to be a target of the system, with a mixed lost totalling 12 million ringgit.

The online retailer, according to the buyers, has been operating for two to three years. Recently, however, the owner began offering the figurines at a large discount, which attracted some anxious customers. &nbsp,

One client apparently considered death after spending her existence saving on the dolls.

According to reports, the doll owner once owned a store in the Saphan Lek neighborhood of Bangkok and lives in an upscale accommodation house in Samut Prakan.