Kids stopped from bringing poster in support of Lions against South Korea as it was larger than allowed

Kids stopped from bringing poster in support of Lions against South Korea as it was larger than allowed

SINGAPORE: Two babies were stopped by surveillance officers from bringing a flyer in support of Singapore’s national football team into the National Stadium&nbsp, on Thursday ( Jun 6), where the Lions were thumped 7- 0 by South Korea in a sold- out World Cup qualifier. &nbsp,

The Football Association of Singapore ( FAS ) and Kallang Alive Sport Management (KASM), which manages the Singapore Sports Hub, both responded to CNA’s questions on Sunday, saying the poster’s size was larger than A3 and therefore did not comply with the entry requirements.

” Save for earlier approved exceptions, our current laws do not allow signs or advertisements that are larger than A3 in size as large banners, when held up, may obstruct the view of supporters behind”, they added. &nbsp,

KASM and FAS said it was “verified that the signal was larger than A3” and safety personnel, who are &nbsp, trained to maintain this at the entry level, “had to, however, prevent” it as it&nbsp, did not meet the circumstances of entry.

Fans were informed of this and other terms of access through an online event link, occasion listings, and email to all ticket holders prior to the event day.

The entry requirements added by KASM and FAS to” all soccer games played at the National Stadium,” in order to “achieve a positive social fan experience” as well as for public health.

A list of prohibited items can be found inside the facility for all sports games, according to the list. These rules are based on international standards set by the FIFA ( world football governing body ) and are applicable to stadiums around the world,” they said.

” The Singapore Sports Hub and FAS are united in their mission to offer and provide a safe, wonderful, and satisfying experience for all sports enthusiasts at the National Stadium.”

Local sports outlet The Monitor first reported on Friday that the children’s father, who was not named, was unhappy” stadium security made us throw it away at the entrance”.

The incident, he added, left a bad taste in the kids ‘ eyes because they were “watching the national team for the first time ever” and “in tears” &nbsp,

The Monitor also questioned why a female fan could upload a poster of the same size to the same Instagram page in support of Son Heung-min, the captain of the South Korea national football team and Tottenham Hotspur star.

KASM and FAS acknowledged to CNA that” we may not always be 100 % accurate, especially when signs are folded and brought into the stadium in bags.”

” The Korean fan was likely to be the one who knew this. We will work with our security team and strive to do better”, they added.


On the two Singaporean children, KASM and FAS said they were” touched by their passion”.

They “in fact personify the spirit of our young Singaporeans who support our athletes through ups and downs” by creating a poster to cheer our players, they said.

We appreciate their support, and we’d like to talk to them so we can arrange a special Lions encounter in person.

The Taeguk Warriors ‘ mauling resulted in the Lions being rooted to the bottom of their World Cup qualifying group and out of contention.

Singapore, who have one point from five matches, &nbsp, will next face Thailand in an away clash&nbsp, in Bangkok on Tuesday. &nbsp,