Johor regent says alleged disabled driver attack by security personnel used to drag down royal institution

Johor regent says alleged disabled driver attack by security personnel used to drag down royal institution

According to DAWN, quoted by local media platform The Vibes, the victim was allegedly pressured to settle the case for RM800 ( US$ 170.00 ).

In its speech, DAWN alleges that the pilot was asked to return to the police station after receiving medical attention at the doctor and being asked to give up his phone. &nbsp,

The victim was treated as if he were a suspect, according to the speech, and he received no justification for the mobile observation or the protracted loyalty of his cellphone. &nbsp,

The blind advocacy group added that the vehicle then requested that he give his wife a brief text and video visit, but this was turned down. &nbsp,

” On what grounds was the victim’s mobile phone retained for police research? His private should have been thoroughly respected, as he was the victim in this case”, it added. &nbsp,

According to Kuala Lumpur police commander Rusdi Isa, the plaintiff claimed that the dispute had been settled peacefully after making a subsequent police report on the evening of May 28.

Tunku Ali stated that he had been informed of the incident on Wednesday and had urged the Royal Malaysian Police’s security escort staff to engage with studies. &nbsp,

” I do never accept any illegal activity or harassment. I urge the government to carefully investigate the alleged murder of a police officer in an escort. I apprehensibly expect the authorities to act in accordance with the law and compensate the sufferer, remarked Tunku Ismail. &nbsp,

” With this, I urge all apartments to help the authorities to carry out the investigation. I am also aware that there is a movement to compel the use of this tragedy to drench the royal organization, but he continued,” It is inappropriate to associate the behavior of an additional security officers with my own and the entire royal establishment.” &nbsp,

After his parents ascended to the throne to get Malaysia’s Yang di- Pertuan Agong for a five-year name, Tunku Ismail was appointed Johor king at the end of January.

Hassan Abdul Karim, a Pasir Gudang Member of Parliament, claimed in a statement that the authorities may have continued with studies because it had received a primary data report that had been submitted earlier to Tunku Ismail’s social media post about the event. &nbsp,

The Parti Keadilan legislator, who is also a criminal defense attorney, added that since the murder being alleged is a real abuse that is punishable by the criminal justice system, it is the officer’s responsibility to summon the reported assailant for questioning. &nbsp,

” The police need to open an investigation paper and record the assailant’s statement under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code ( CPC )”, he claimed. &nbsp,

In support of Mr. Hassan, the federal government’s Perikatan Nasional ( PN) released a statement calling on the police to begin their inquiries.

” The principles of the rule of law and the role of government as guards of common interest may be upheld and seen to be practised in all instances, regardless of the position, influence, or status of the events involved”, said PN’s chief whip Takiyudin Hassan.

” PN believes that issues such as selective prosecution, favouritism, cronyism, institutional bullying, the idea of ‘ big fish and small fry’ and others have long corrupted public discourse without definitive resolution. These issues also colour almost the entire landscape and climate of our politics, including the country’s image in the eyes of the world”, he added. &nbsp,

CNA reached out to the Royal Malaysia Police to find out if the police escort team member who allegedly committed the assault will be charged with additional crimes and how the investigation is being handled. &nbsp,