Jail for man who emailed rape threats to former employer

Jail for man who emailed rape threats to former employer

A 30-year-old man was sentenced to six times and six weeks in jail for emailing his previous company with biologically threatening emails on May 14.

Tommy Soh Han Xuen reoffended while undergoing recovery, and he received an additional 48-day prison word.

He pleaded guilty to three claims of making demeaning communication intended to cause concern, intending to attack another person’s humility, and attempted cheating. Five additional claims were taken into consideration.

Information about Soh’s previous employer were redacted from jury records, and their names are kept private by a court order.

From April 29, 2020, Soh worked as a deliveryman for his firm. Three days later, he was discovered stealing mobile devices from a company contractor, and he was fired.

About two years later, on Feb 1, 2022, Soh was at home and “feeling upset with himself over his private dilemmas”, the court heard.

After his dismissal, he also expressed his disappointment that the company had not paid his company’s outstanding wages of about S$ 300 ( US$ 225 ).

Soh made the decision to e-mail the organization threats via his personal email address. In two letters titled” Threat”, he threatened to “brutally murder” all female team of the business.

” You know who I am. Always pay earnings. I am one of your father staff who stole handphone when doing delivery”, Soh wrote.

The employee who reported these messages to the authorities alarmed the night.

Later that afternoon, a client service supervisor was checking the company’s message account as part of her work to reply to customers ‘ feedback.

She received a message from Soh that was titled” Information from Beast” and was addressed to her. The email contained the woman’s name, and threatened to” strip ( her ) naked” and sexually assault her.

The girl privately reported the incident, and a second police report was made.

Because the company had to reimburse the vendor for the stolen cellular phones, the prosecution claimed Soh’s resentment over his allegedly excellent salary was baseless.

The prosecutors also emphasized that Soh had formerly committed the same crime of sending a message to affront someone’s modesty in 2020 and that the risks in his emails were “graphic and descriptive.”

In addition, Soh admitted to a distinct lying crime while employed by W Singapore- Sentosa Cove in 2022.

Two resort visitors entered the pool on Jun. 24, 2022, leaving their credit cards on a stand by the lake to charge them for their coffee.

Soh used his phone to capture images of their credit card details, who was later given the task of clearing furniture.

One of the customers who had a card on the table witnessed this and confronted Soh, but he uneasyly denied taking any photos and left.

When Soh used her card to purchase a pair of sneakers online that charge about S$ 450, one of the two friends received a fraud alert communication from her banks the following day.

The host instantly asked the banks to withdraw the deal.

Soh was identified as the person concerned in the investigation, and he also purchased another pair of shoes for around S$ 260. Both purchases were timely canceled.

Soh argued at the receiving that his crimes were connected to his gambling problem and asked for a lenient sentence from District Judge Wong Li Tein.

He recalled telling the judge that he would learn his lesson before his first inmate for his earlier crimes.

” But sadly, I did n’t”, he admitted. In reference to a third incarceration in the future, Soh said,” I do n’t think I can take this hit any more.”

He claimed to have intended to “restart my entire life” by re-enrolling in technical after passing this word.

In punishment, Judge Wong described Soh as a “recalcitrant offender”, but even noted his first appeal of grief.