Iran registers presidential candidates for early vote after Raisi’s death

Iran registers presidential candidates for early vote after Raisi's death

INTERNATIONAL MINISTRATORS IN DUBAI: After President Ebrahim Raisi died in a plane crash, Iran began on May 30 the enrollment of applicants for an early election in the country, according to Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi.

When Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s aged supreme leader, was thought to be his son, Raisi’s sudden death sparked a fight among secularists to affect the selection of Iran’s next leader.

After the five- day enrollment period, the Guardian Council, which oversees elections and legislation, did animal the candidates running for the presidency.

Vahidi told state TV,” The vetting process will take seven times, and qualified applicants may have about two weeks for the poll battle.” On June 11, the Guardian Council will release the list of qualified prospects.

Average politicians have accused the 12-member conservative Guardian Council of disqualifying rival candidates for the upcoming presidential election, which are expected to be predominated by.

Increased voter turnout could be affected by limited choice and growing unrest in response to a number of political, social, and economic catastrophes.