Indonesia’s Mount Ibu erupts again, spews huge ash tower

Indonesia's Mount Ibu erupts again, spews huge ash tower

On a smaller size, the volcano erupted on Saturday, spewing lava, releasing dust into the evening clouds, and causing thunder.

Authorities raised the alert level last week, and it remained at the second-highest of the four-tiered system, with an isolation area stretching between three and five kilometers ( two to three miles ) around the comet’s crater.

Ibu is one of Indonesia’s most lively volcanos, erupting more than 21, 000 days last month.

According to Sofyan Primulyana, a representative of the Geology Agency, Ibu experienced 58 explosions on ordinary per day in 2023.

Due to its location on the” Ring of Fire,” a vast archipelago state, Indonesia frequently experiences tectonic and volcanic activity.

Mount Ruang in North Sulawesi state erupted more than a dozen times last month, forcing hundreds of islanders to flee. It is still at its highest level of alert.

Ruang Island’s 800 or but residents may be permanently relocated.