In Singapore, a ‘villa in the sky’ with a 2,000 sq ft master suite

In Singapore, a ‘villa in the sky’ with a 2,000 sq ft master suite

” A popular obsession throughout all our projects is the internal desire to incorporate the roofs into the way the designs are designed,” Tan said. ” Be it just a plain frame of views to an extensive movement to curate the live functions, material, and gentle blending, we have always embraced characteristics in our design fully. As one descends from the circular stairs, we were prompted to choose the best seat and table pieces to put in the dwelling room below because they resemble the intangible form of pebbles.

Tan went above and beyond to make sure every detail was great for a job this special. She paid close attention to the details of the woodwork, the have details, and the material palette. She created custom stone handles for drawers, twisted end panels covered in specific suede, and metal bar counters overlaid with a unique coating technique.

Even after designing homes in some of the most breathtaking locations in the world, Tan discovered a very impressive, about surreal quality to this “villa in the sky.”

She declared,” This project demonstrated that geographical size is an element of comfort that is difficult to overcome for the sense of grandeur it provides in its simplest form.” No amount of money spent on materials or information can rival the wonder and excitement that geographical levels provide to our emotions.

What is the source of Tan’s greatest joy? Knowing that the place she created was perfect and suited the family’s requirements. This product was sold soon after its release. No modifications were ever necessary to our designs. The teas lounge that we built in the middle of the collective space was where the family was frequently hanging out. A sign of appreciation and joy, no fear.