Foreign yoga teachers held on Koh Phangan

Foreign yoga teachers held on Koh Phangan

Looking THANI: Two foreign nationals have been detained for working without function permits, taking classes for a well-known yoga class on Koh Phangan for 9, 000 ringgit per head.

Following up on a problem regarding a” Shaolin experience” program that was being promoted on the Samma Karuna Facebook page, a group of tourists officers, emigration officers, and local officials made a visit to a home on the holiday island on Friday.

When they arrived, they discovered foreigners practicing Chinese exercises at the home with instruction from a person who is of European descent.

The man, Somphet Daoheuang, 37, was arrested, along with a French woman identified as Arbely Natalie Rubalcava Rojo, 34, authorities said monday.

During doubting, Mr Somphet admitted being a consultant for the Shaolin knowledge program, which charged individuals 9, 000 ringgit each.

It is a program offered by Samma Karuna, which bills itself as” an enlightenment and therapeutic school”, serving a largely international audience.

Mr. Somphet claimed to have received 60 % of the training fee from Samma Karuna, or 5,400 baht per head, while the company had received the rest.