In full: Lawrence Wong’s first speech as Singapore Prime Minister

In full: Lawrence Wong's first speech as Singapore Prime Minister


This is not the first day that we’ve had to fight hard external conditions. Over the past six years, we have done this regularly. Each day, we have weathered the winds and emerged stronger. Our high level of trust in one another and our ability to collaborate effectively are the keys to our achievements.

Singapore has always been a different country- some races, several religions, some languages- and more so now than before. But we’ve strengthened our ties as one individuals. We have achieved this not by denying our distinctions, but by embracing them. We have ensured that every neighborhood, every church and every language party, big or small, feels: Included, respected and valued.

When problems arise between areas, and from time to time, they may- we do not highlight our differences. Otherwise, we accept them. We seek out logical solutions and try to get the utmost common earth.

We always do so in a setting of reciprocal respect and trust. This guiding principle did serve to guide my and my staff. We will continue to grow and improve our Singaporean personality in this way.

It’s not about adding, but often about adding. It’s not about outsourcing, but often about expanding. But from our diversification, we build unity.

From numerous, we become one united individuals, regardless of race, language, or religion. &nbsp, This social yearning for unification saw us through the COVID pandemic, the issue of our era. Because we trust one another, we successfully responded to the crisis. Our social capital increased as a result of how we handled the issue, saving lives and ensuring our lives, and how we collectively handled it improved.

For me and my staff, COVID was a baptism of fire. It reinforced my conviction that the key to our excellent performance as a country lies not in one person or one institution, but rather in how well we can collaborate as a team Singapore. I did take the lead and bear the burden of accountability for the actions I take as Prime Minister.

But I may even employ and maximise the combined resources, minds and talents of all Singaporeans. In this disturbed and dangerous world, we will advance our country in this manner.


Now, Singapore is at a great financial degree, compared to most other states. By global standards, we have built outstanding systems of education, housing, healthcare and travel. However, our demographic is rapidly aging, our current circumstances are changing, and technologies is advanced.

We ca n’t afford to continue this. &nbsp, We may continue to perform our best- to enhance, improve and enhance Singapore. I am convinced we can and we must, do much.

This is why I started the Forward Singapore training. We distilled your dreams into a common vision for our upcoming after speaking with and listening to many of you. Our generation’s goals are represented in Forward Singapore. It expresses our resolve to keep our community strong and united, to share the benefits of improvement with all, not just some, to boost all Singaporeans, not just a couple.

Particularly young Singaporeans have spoken obviously. They may work hard and make an effort to achieve their objectives. However, they do not want to be entangled in a never-ending cycle of hyper-competitivity. They want a new version of the Singapore Dream, one that not only provides meaning and purpose for their jobs and lives, but also one that is also shaped by their achievements.

I’m fervent about helping Singapore realize your goals.

We will continue to support our bilateral partners in sustaining a strong business and providing good jobs for everyone. We will discover new ways to be more creative and successful, and strike a better balance between our jobs and our lives. We will develop a fairer, more simply and more equal world.

We will take care of our elders, the less fortunate, and those who have specific requirements. We will continue to help all Singaporeans, irrespective of their starting points, regardless of their ability or time, to improve themselves and lead fulfilling lives. My staff and I may work harder in all of these endeavors.

We also require your assistance to help our own citizens and maintain our commitment to one another. Then we can create a Singapore where somebody succeeds in being their best version of themselves. We can be a individuals, who are more: Equitable, polite and large- hearted. Every Singaporean can have a place in our world. And a Singapore that concerns to every Singaporean.

These are optimistic targets. There are no simple equations to use, no applicable models to follow. We will have to test, discover new solutions and flame innovative paths.

Along the way, there will be tones who doubt our ability to advance further. &nbsp, This pessimism has been with us since the outset. &nbsp, Many have said that Singapore wo n’t make it. Yet time and again, we have proved the critics wrong. &nbsp, And we will do so afterwards.

We as Singaporeans are all aware of what it means to go beyond what some believe we are capable of or even what we thought we could accomplish. When the going gets tough, we do not disintegrate. We press on, with trust in our own people and in Singapore’s potential.

We strive harder, achieve more, and verify that with perseverance and hard work, there is no problem we may overcome. &nbsp, I may take this same heart to my new position.

This is my guarantee to all Singaporeans: I will provide you with all my soul. I’ll not accept the current situation. I may often look for better ways to improve the world tomorrow than it is right now.

My goal is simple: to continue to defy the odds and maintain this magic known as Singapore.

But that we can accomplish even greater levels. but that our kids and ourselves can see the world as one and the same.


My brother Singaporeans, I ask you to meet me and my staff in our journey ahead. Everyone will have a play in our government’s development.

Everyone will have a significant impact on how the world may develop. Let’s work together for a common goal and frequent handle.

Permit us take Singapore Forward- Up.