US delegation to attend Taiwan inauguration as China tensions flare

US delegation to attend Taiwan inauguration as China tensions flare

Beijing became the new host country in 1979, and Washington has long stated that it does not aid a proper Taiwan declaration of independence. But, it continues to have shady relationships with the area and continues to be its principal supporter and source of arms.

China’s defense has tremendously increased its activities in Taiwan, which is politically governed, over the past four years.

Biden has recently irritated the Chinese government with remarks that appeared to suggest that the United States would defend the area if it were attacked, a diversion from a long-held US place of” strategic ambiguity.”

Joint drills between the US and Taiwan were slowly conducted in the Pacific in April, according to Reuters.

On Tuesday, Biden, a Democrat, imposed fresh trade tariffs on a number of Chinese industries, and Taiwan reported that the island’s only recently completed” fight patrol” was being conducted close to the country.

In addition to parties of former US leaders attending ceremonies in 2008, 2012, and 2016 while former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were present, Biden has sent three related ambassadors to Taiwan, most just in January after the election.

After Nancy Pelosi, the next House of Representatives presenter, traveled to Taiwan in 2022, Beijing has denied the visits, and it has cut communication with Washington on defense and climate issues. Those discussions were just restored.