Illegal camp site faces demolition

Illegal camp site faces demolition

Illegal camp site faces demolition
Thanadol Suwannarit, an assistant to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thamanat Prompow, next from remaining, leads representatives of five agencies to assess the 100- ray plot of land of Phu Nab Dao Cafe &amp, Glamping in Muak Lek area, Saraburi. ( Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives )

Officials in Saraburi have mandated that Phu Nab Dao Cafe &amp, Glamping in the Muak Lek city destroy all institutions it built improperly on its Sor Por Kor territory within 30 days.

According to online resources, “glamping” refers to “glamorous camping”, where page providers offer beautiful services no usually offered during traditional traveling.

Thanadol Suwannarit, an assistant to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister&nbsp, Thamanat Prompow, said the camp violated the Agricultural Land Reform Office’s rules on Sor Por Kor area allocated to impoverished producers. This area is just intended for agricultural purposes.

He led a working group of five people led by him to examine the 100-acre plot of land in Phu Nab Dao on Wednesday. The authorities were the Sor Por Kor Office in Saraburi, the Department of Special Investigation, the Anti- Money Laundering Office, the Office of Public Sector Anti- Fraud Commission and the National Anti- Fraud Commission.

They discovered that the owners of the site had a plan to build a posh shop and camp on a 32-rai plot and that Phunubdao 2021, a business with a capital of 1 million baht to run the restaurant.

” This is a misuse of Sor Por Kor land”, Mr Thanadol said.

Wanchai Chimphli, 64, told the authorities that he was a custodian of the 100- ray site. He claimed that his supervisor once owned the land, and that he had given it to him after he passed away from cancer in 2014. The property was given to his adopted child by Mr. Wanchai. His son-in-law did not know that the cafe was prohibited until a few years prior.

The destruction of the structures that were built without authorization by Pol Lt Wasan Lamduan, Muak Lek Police Station’s deputy inspector, was ordered by Mr. Wanchai to be done as quickly as possible within 30 times.

According to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, they will be prosecuted if no action is taken, he said, because of the improper possession or abuse of natural resources.

Kritsakorn Sanitsakdee, chairman of the Public Sector Anti- Corruption Commission’s District 1 Office, said the plot of land was actually in a bush place. Mr. Wanchai was charged with bush invasion in 2015, and the jury ordered his arrest and the demolition of any structures on the property in 2016.

But, in 2017, Mr Wanchai got the Sor Por Kor area file. According to Mr. Kritsakorn, the property title deed was obtained with the assistance of some state officials.