Chadchart warns street vendors of income checks and tax bills

Chadchart warns street vendors of income checks and tax bills

Chadchart warns street vendors of income checks and tax bills
Foods and berries are sold on Khao San Road in Bangkok by street vendors. ( Photo: Pornprom Satrabhaya )

City Hall is imposing steps to rein in city sellers, including checking their earnings, hard them, and finally ending hawking on pavements immediately.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt made the announcements following a conference he presided over on Thursday regarding the cleanliness of the area.

He stated that quickly rules for restricting kiosk on roads and other public spaces will be put in place.

Where hawking is permitted, City Hall may require vendors to give taxes where they now occupy open spaces. They may register with the national income collection and tax system, even if their salary does not fall under a certain tax bracket.

Mr. Chadchart explained that vendors who have engaged in vending in open spaces for a year and who have earned more than 25 000 baht per month must now occupy the space and look to rent out different locations to carry on their operations.

They may even maintain their designated boundaries and maintain the cleanliness of the roads. The government warned that any omission would result in the prohibition of city vending in locations where it is currently permitted.

We desire that the area become neat and tidy. The permitted areas will be open in those areas where street vendors do not overreach their level and cause trouble for pedestrians, he said.

He stated that the regulations may be subject to public scrutiny and adjustments as necessary before being made available in the Royal Gazette.

He argued that long-term road vending would be stopped. Vendors would have to relocate and set up shop there.

City Hall may work with businesses to set off low-rentalized areas for sellers.

This may help suppliers keep making money while the general public can still get to eat cheap meals, according to the governor.