ICA warns against websites charging fees to help travellers submit SG Arrival Card

SINGAPORE: The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on Wednesday (Dec 21) warned of economic entities and web sites that provide services to aid travellers in submitting the SG Introduction Card for a fee.

ICA reiterated that the distribution of the SG Arrival Card on the MyICA mobile application or via ICA’s website is free of charge.

Travellers are encouraged to only use all those two modes of submission to avoid getting misled by industrial entities and internet sites providing such providers for a fee, the particular agency said.  

“We never support or recommend commercial entities plus websites that provide compensated services to assist holidaymakers in the submission from the SG Arrival Credit card, ” it stated.

“Should travellers decide to engage this kind of service providers or any enterprise offering similar solutions, ICA will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any loss suffered as a result of such engagement. ”

A check by CNA showed that the first page of Google search results for “SG Arrival Card” integrated at least one unofficial web site.

ICA furthermore stressed all holidaymakers, including Singapore inhabitants, must submit the SG Arrival Card before arriving in Singapore as it is the requirement to do so.

While COVID-19 vacation restrictions have reduced since April 2022, the health declaration function on the  SG Arrival Card remains an additional precautionary determine to mitigate the chance of importation of diseases of concern like Ebola into Singapore, ICA said.

Singapore residents will need to publish the SG Arrival Card if they return to Singapore via the ocean and air checkpoints, but are free if they come with the land checkpoints.

Travellers who fail to submit the SG Arrival Card before arriving at the checkpoints will be asked to do this and rejoin the particular queue for migration clearance.

They could submit the SG Arrival Card inside three days, such as the day of arrival, before they arrive in Singapore.  

Travellers must resubmit their health announcement if there are adjustments to their health condition or travel history prior to arriving in Singapore. Those who make false declarations will be liable for prosecution under the Infectious Diseases Act.